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Jack Jeffrey, a longtime resident of Hawaii Island, is a professional wildlife and nature photographer, birding guide, and wildlife biologist. He is intimately familiar with Hawaii’s remote rain forests, hidden valleys, and rare endemic birds. He brings to his images the knowledge from over 50 years of observation and study of Hawaii's native forest birds, as well as those in other places from his travels around the world. He combines a naturalist's curiosity with a photographer's patience and technical skill to produce beautiful images.

Jack is recipient of the prestigious “Ansel Adams Award for Nature Photography” is a USFWS “Endangered Species Recovery Champion”, has also received the coveted Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Kako'oAina Award, Hawaii Sierra Club Conservationist of the Year Award, and the Hawaii Audubon Society Conservationist of the Year Award. Now retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, he is enjoying more time traveling with his wife Gretchen, leading tours and photographing wildlife and nature around the world.

For the Birds

“Bird photography has become a passion, almost an obsession for me. Every time I head out to photograph, many different opportunities present themselves. Whether it’s different light, birds on feeding on different native flowers, or an unusual behavior…. every day is different. Each opportunity provides me with new and exciting images. I don’t know about you, but after a long day of shooting, I still get excited whenI download my photo filesand see the images of the day on my laptop screen.”

“Many of Hawaii’s birds are on the brink of extinction. I’d hate to think that I’m only recording images of these magnificent creatures for posterity. Most people will never see these birds in the wild andI’d like to think that through my photography I am providing an emotional link between humanity and the birds. If I do what I love… my passion…I feel that I’m doing my best to ensure that Hawaii’s people, and visitors from around the world will continue to have opportunities to enjoy these colorful forest treasures for many generations to come. Public awareness is our greatest asset in the protection Hawaii's imperiled species".

Jack is co-author of several books on Hawaii's birds and his bird and natural history photographs continue to be featured in numerous publications. His work can be seen at

A partial list of publications that have featured his work include; Audubon Magazine, Smithsonian, Life, Natural History, Birders World, National Wildlife, Pacific Discovery, Defenders of Wildlife, Science, National Parks, the National Geographic Canon Endangered Species Series, as well as numerous books, text books, and calendars.

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